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Adieu ...............................................Time to say...  [ Issue # 541 February 18 - 24, 2011 ]
As I sat down to write my final column, I went through the collection of my articles online after 10 years as a columnist,...

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Beed Bytes is a collection of selected articles of Arthabeed that appeared in Nepali Times since its inception in 2001. The collection is published by Fine Print. The Foreword has been written by Kunda Dixit, Editor Nepali Times and Preface by Sultan Hafeez Rahman, Deputy Director General, Southasia Department, Asian Development Bank. The book is available at leading bookstores in Nepal and also online.
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Arthabeed is the pseudonym of a corporate executive in Nepal who has developed an interest in economics and analyzing economics. Artha (artha) in Nepal is loosely used to mean both Finance as well as Economics while in Sanskrit it means wealth and one of the four goals of life. Beed pronounced (vid) is used to mean an expert.

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